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my bowhunting gear

Me and my PSE

Like many bowhunters, I’m a big believer in gear. True, sometimes I’m happier in the woods with just my bow and quiver and binoculars. When I’m spending a full day in the stand, however, I like to gear up. And I’m lucky enough to have a birthday in October — by which time I’m usually fully obsessed with bowhunting — so I’ve built up a decent inventory. Some of these things I’ve acquired by chance, some I’ve bought on my own.

If you’re looking to get started in bowhunting, see my article on how to outfit a new bowhunter.

Bow: PSE compound bow I bought when I was 16. Whisker biscuit, fiber-optic sights, limb saver, and 62-pound draw.
Arrows: I make my own. Carbon shaft, 3-blade broadheads (100 grain).
Knife: 5-inch Buck hunting knife, black. Backup: 4-inch Gerber hunting knife in camo. You can never have too many knives, am I right?
Rifle: I don’t usually gun hunt, but when I do I carry my grandfather’s Remington 30-06.
Binoculars: Bushnell Waterproof/Fogproof Compact 8×26 Binocular
Scent Control: Nose Jammer detergent, body wash, deodorant and cover spray
Deer Call: Hardwood grunt tube and Primos The Can
Turkey Call: The Knight & Hale Tom Coffin
Luxury Item: Early season: Thermacell. Late season: Hot Hands!
Tree Stand: Ameristep 15 foot steel climber
Trail Cam: Stealth Cam Infrared Scouting Camera
Pack: Allen hunting backpack in camo

My Extra Gear

Of course there’s other gear I carry in my pack, the staples of modern bowhunters:

  • Rope. Fifty feet of black paracord to lift gear to the stand or drag a deer out.
  • Gut kit. Latex gloves, gutting knife, orange drag-out bag, and more latex gloves.
  • Topo maps and satellite imagery.
  • Green twisty-ties. Plenty of uses.
  • Allen wrench and multi-tool

I also recently began carrying a slingshot with steel ammo, to drive off squirrels and woodpeckers.

Hunting Gear Review & Evaluation

Would you like me to field test and write about your hunting gear? I’d be happy to do that, with the understanding that I try to be honest in my opinions. The good folks at Nose Jammers, for example, sent me their cover scent products for evaluation.

Most of the time, I scout, hunt, and photograph deer and turkey in the midwest. I also fish and boat when it’s not winter. Any equipment that would help in those pursuits, I’m happy to evaluate. Send me an e-mail to whitetails (at) eruditesys [dot] com.

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