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North American Whitetail put up an article and photo collage entitled 8 Big Buck States for 2012. There were two things I noticed about the list. First, it was dominated by states in the Midwest including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Second, the last entry was Alberta, which is not a state. I and plenty of other commenters weren’t happy about this, especially because this Canadian province apparently edged out Missouri for the 8th slot on the list. Supposedly that’s fair because that state has some real brutes… wait a second. Alberta’s not a state at all! It’s in CANADA.

In other words, you need a passport to get there. As one commenter put it, if you want to write an article about places to hunt in Canada, do it. Don’t slop Alberta onto a list of big buck states at the cost of Missouri. Here are some things to consider:

  • Missouri has excellent hunting and, just as importantly, hunting opportunities. There are archery, firearms, youth, muzzleloader, and urban deer hunting seasons. There’s a ton of public land, even around metropolitan areas.
  • It’s a pro-hunting state with 600,000 hunters pulling permits each year.
  • Missouri’s Department of Conservation has an incredible and well-deserved reputation. They deserve much of the credit for building Missouri hunting into what it is.

Missouri’s Big Bucks Already This Season

Perhaps the editors should have spent five minutes looking at the Bucks of Missouri Whitetails 2012, a forum thread devoted to bucks taken by Missouri hunters.

Missouri 2012 big buck
St. Louis, MO
Missouri whitetail buck
Hickory County, MO
Big buck 2012
Pettis County, MO
Missouri whitetail deer
Moniteau Co., MO
Big bucks in missouri
Boone County, MO
Whitetail buck 2012
Dallas County, MO
Big whitetail deer
Andrew County, MO
Record whitetail deer 2012
Clark County, MO

Canada undoubtedly has some fine hunting. It’s cold there practically all the time, and that makes for some hulking big game animals. It’s the dream of many Americans to take a hunting trip up there in pursuit of bear, elk, or just a big whitetail deer. Not all of us have the thousands of dollars handy to take said trip.

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Written by Dan Koboldt

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  1. U should look at these three Missouri Studs. 200 inchers and or close to it!!

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