Sep 132016
Must-read Books About Hunting

Hunting, for many of us, can be a year-round and lifelong pursuit. Ideally, all of those devoted hours would be spent in the woods, but we know that’s not the case. Seasons, weather, work, and family often keep us out of the woods. There’s even a lot of hunting-related preparation that must be done before […]

Feb 092016
10 Off Season Hunting Tips for a Better Next Year

Well, it’s the off season. Deer and turkey hunting seasons are closed, and opening day for either seems a long way off. It’s the hunter’s lull, the long stretch of non-hunting that we dread every year. This time, I won’t let my fall-hunting self down. I’ve found 10 ways to keep my skills sharp and […]

Jan 292016
Shooting Range Design and Operation

This weekend I took two of my grandfather’s guns to the August A. Busch shooting range operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Pickup trucks and cars crowded the gravel parking lot. It was a sunny but frigid Saturday afternoon, and the range was packed. Men and women, young and old, hunters and gun enthusiasts all […]

Jan 162016
Deer Hunting in Snow

The new year brought a priceless gift toward the end of this year’s bowhunting season: an inch of accumulating snow. This might not seem surprising for Missouri. An inch of snow is nothing! Yet after a record drought and a winter that (so far) has yielded less than 10% of the snowfall it should, I […]

Sep 282013
6 Warm Weather Hunting Hazards

In Missouri and many other states, hunting seasons frequently overlap warm weather. Today is a perfect example: the bowhunting season has been open for two weeks, and it’s 85 degrees outside. Last weekend, I got to thinking (as I sweated my way through the balmy woods) about some of the hazards of hunting in warm […]