Dec 192012
Cold Weather Hunting Strategies

After spending six hours in the stand this past weekend, I got a new appreciation for the word cold. For me it’s not just the temperature, it’s the wind chill. There’s just no avoiding it when you’re fifteen feet up a tree in the dead of winter. And yet these frigid days offer some of […]

Dec 172012
How Scent Control Helps Bowhunters

Whitetail deer have evolved in response to hunting pressure for thousands of years. Prehistoric tribes in North America hunted them with spear and atlatl (spear thrower). Now we have compound bows and high-powered rifles. To survive, deer have developed powerful senses. They can hear us in the woods. Their eyesight is nearly as good as […]

Dec 072012
Why Hunters Are Hard to Christmas Shop For

Christmas shopping is hard for some people and easier for others. It seems like people who are passionate about things — golfers, fishermen, sports fans, etc. — are easy to shop for. You know what they love. And if you have a friend or family member who’s a hunter, it’s no secret. You know this […]