Oct 142012
When and How to Call Deer

Deer use sound as well as scent to communicate. Hunters have long sought to exploit this to locate deer and bring them into range. However, unlike turkey hunting, calling deer seems to have a much lower success rate. Most experts are pleased if they can get one in ten bucks to respond to their calls. […]

Sep 252012
A Hunter's Halloween: Deer Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I couldn’t hunt this weekend due to family obligations, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t on my mind. Most hunters with families tend to put them first, which is a good thing. Luckily, I’ve found some great ways to feed the obsession while not in the field. I keep my eye out for deer while […]

Sep 082012
City Limits: Bowhunting in Urban Zones

As a hunter, I find few things more frustrating than the days when I get up balls-early, drive 45 minutes or more to reach the hunting grounds, tromp way out into the woods, and then don’t see a single deer or turkey. Especially when, on my way home from work, I might spot a few […]

Aug 212012
The Hunt Begins

I’m embarking on a mission this year: to take a 10-point buck with a bow. This is a quest that began more than 15 years ago when, as a teenager, I bought my first compound bow. A PSE. I hadn’t killed so much as a squirrel. I knew nothing about broadheads or scouting or tree […]