Sep 142016
How to Keep Busy While Hunting

Hunting deer and turkey in the Midwest generally involves a lot of waiting around. You set up in a tree stand or ground blind, and you try to stay as still as possible. As quiet as possible. For a long, long time. And so when I’m planning hunts, there’s always a temptation to bring something […]

Sep 122016
Got Deer? My Favorite Venison Recipes

The rut is winding down, the weather’s cold, and there’s a whole heap of venison in the freezer. If you had a successful hunt this year, or simply got your hands on some fresh venison, you’re in for some hearty (but healthy) meals this winter. Venison is a lean meat and requires a bit of […]

Nov 122015
10 Signs of the Rut

November, for many of us hunters, is a magical time of year. In the midwest it truly marks the change from summer to winter, with most of the trees bare by month’s end and a steady drop in temperatures. Heat waves in October here are common, but in November, cold snaps are far more likely. […]

Mar 312013
Hunting Trends in North America

Every five years, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service conducts a national survey of hunting, fishing, and wildlife activities in the U.S. The results of the most recent survey just came out. Last year an estimated 90 million people (38% of American adults) participated in wildlife-related recreation. They spent $145 billion, which is 1% of […]

Nov 042012
Midwest Dominates States for Big Bucks in 2012

North American Whitetail put up an article and photo collage entitled 8 Big Buck States for 2012. There were two things I noticed about the list. First, it was dominated by states in the Midwest including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Second, the last entry was Alberta, which is not a state. I and plenty […]