Mar 062016
Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey hunting is one of the most challenging and thrilling experiences that the woods have to offer. Contrary to popular belief, hunting turkeys successfully doesn’t require much experience or investment. If Jase and Si can do it on Duck Commander with a full camera crew in tow, can it really be that difficult? According to […]

Sep 042013
Scouting for Turkeys in the Fall

Every Labor Day weekend I devote some time to scouting some public ground in north-central Missouri that I hunt in early season. Labor Day usually falls about two weeks before the bowhunting season opener. It marks the somewhat official end of boating and lake season here, but summer’s still in full swing. This year’s weather […]

Sep 172012
Bowhunting in the Turkey Woods

The first streaks of color painted the eastern sky, and there was movement in the woods. Near-silent shadows crept along narrow trails, through stands of timber and over ridge-tops, all with murder in their hearts. They climbed into tree stands or settled into blinds on the ground. Everything was silent again. It was half an […]

Sep 112012
Preseason Scouting: Bowhunting Urban Land

As a follow-up to my previous post on bowhunting in urban zones, I’ve scouted one such area that’s only a few miles from my house. This is a tract of land that’s bordered by a golf course, a subdivision, private wooded property, and a major road. The major road was rerouted last year to improve […]