Sep 152016
Turkey Hunting: Back to Basics

It’s late March as I write this, and with spring rapidly approaching, all I can think about is turkey hunting. I just read an article in the Missouri Conservationist in which the author took a friend on his first turkey hunt. One morning out and they brought down two gobblers. Hard to believe, right? It’s […]

Sep 142016
How to Keep Busy While Hunting

Hunting deer and turkey in the Midwest generally involves a lot of waiting around. You set up in a tree stand or ground blind, and you try to stay as still as possible. As quiet as possible. For a long, long time. And so when I’m planning hunts, there’s always a temptation to bring something […]

Apr 162016
Spring Turkey Hunting: Opening Day

My family has a cabin in north-Central Missouri where we stay occasionally. There are thousands of acres of public land nearby, but all I care about is a 50-acre section of wooded ridges where I know the turkey population pretty well. Two years ago, I watched a pair of gobblers strutting for their hens. Last […]

Mar 292016
How to Get Ready for Turkey Season

It’s spring at last, though you might not know it from the foot of snow that fell on Missouri over the weekend. Spring turkey season is a scant two weeks away. I must admit, I’m starting to obsess over it the way I obsess over fall bowhunting season. There are several reasons for this: Hunting […]

Mar 162016
Choosing the Best Turkey Call

Calling wild turkeys is a key part of the hunt. The effective shooting range for most of us with a shotgun is about 30 yards. In most cases, you can’t sit and wait for a gobbler to wander by. You have to lure him in, be it with the plaintive cluck of a hen or […]