Oct 222013
October Deer with a Bow on Public Land

This weekend was my last chance to hunt some public ground in north-central Missouri, an area I’ve come to know well. It’s hard to put a figure on how many hours I’ve devoted to hunting this area. I’ve scouted it during the preseason, hunted it in both spring and fall. Mostly I’ve been interested in […]

Sep 162013
Ground Blinds for Bow Hunting

Opening morning of this year’s bowhunting season, and nothing seemed to go right. I set two alarms for 5 a.m., which would give me plenty of time to get into the woods an hour before sunrise. Somehow I slept through both and got up 45 minutes late. Rushing out (no time even for coffee), I […]

May 252013
10 Things to Love About Hunting

Hunting, for most of us, is more than a hobby or pastime. It’s a life-long obsession. The other day, I found myself thinking about some of the joys that hunting has brought me over the years. Before I knew it, I’d come up with ten great things in life that I probably wouldn’t have experienced, […]

Dec 302012
Whitetail Bowhunting: Missed Opportunities

Bowhunting for whitetails, while a passion of mine, is also a source of much frustration. The hours that I spend scouting, planning, driving, walking in, setting up, and sitting in a tree stand far outweigh the rare moments when I actually see deer in the woods. In my current managed deer hunt, for example, I’d […]

Oct 152012
Finding Whitetail Rubs in October

This morning I set out to check on my tree stand on public land, and to set up my new game camera nearby. When I went out to put up the stand a couple of weeks ago, the weather was warm, the mosquitoes miserable, and the leaves dry and crunchy. Worse, the woods were almost […]