Sep 182016
How to Get Kids Into Hunting

Most of us hunters who also happen to be fathers of small children dream of the day that we can bring them out as our apprentices. Yet with video games and Barbies and Power Wheels, kids face more competition for their attention than ever. What happens if your child finally gets old enough to take […]

Sep 162016
8 Ways to Hunt While Not Hunting

It’s a week until bowhunting season opens in Missouri. The wait has been agonizing. Already, countless things are trying to get in the way of early season hunting plans: school schedules, work events, family gatherings, and everything else. Just as it is every year, most of us hunters won’t be able to get out into […]

Aug 302016
7 Realities of Deer Hunting

October has always been my favorite month for a variety of reasons. It’s got the seasonal change, my birthday, Halloween, and (in Missouri) the first full month of bowhunting season. In the Midwest and many places, the so-called October lull has challenged deer hunters because it’s a transition period. But my success at taking a […]

Aug 252016
I Shouldn't Be Hunting

I shouldn’t be out hunting, I’m an hour late for work, I think I had an important meeting, So I probably shouldn’t be hunting. I shouldn’t be out hunting, My wife thinks I’m at work, She’s had it up to here already, So I shouldn’t be out hunting. I shouldn’t be out hunting, It’s twenty […]

Oct 302015
October Buck on Public Land

I’ve been bowhunting on public land around Mark Twain Lake (northeast Missouri) for several years. My inlaws have a place up there, so it’s a convenient weekend getaway for me and the wife and kids. They usually keep it open until around mid-October, so it overlaps a month of Missouri’s bowhunting season. I’ve hunted a few areas […]